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EZ Breathe

EZ Breathe Atomizer

Due to the COVID-19 virus and the shortage of aerosol therapies, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, has made the EZ Breathe Atomizer available for sale.This atomizer uses the very same technology as the  Pocket Neb™ .  The EZ Breathe Atomizer uses vibrating mesh and piezo electric current along with respiratory medications, to create a mist for the patient to breathe.  A bronchodilator opens the airways of the patient to allow medication to reach the alveoli and lower parts of the lungs.

Instructions for use and cleaning can be found below

English Instruction Manual
Spanish Instruction Manual

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EZ Breathe Atomizer Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my medication in the medication chamber overnight?

You can leave your medication in the medication chamber all day for fast treatments but you should empty your medication chamber and clean the unit according to the cleaning instructions every night. Cleaning the medication chamber every day will always keep the EZ Breathe operating properly.

I press the on button, but the unit does not operate?

Check to see that you have batteries in the unit.
Next, check that they are inserted properly. If orange battery light comes on you need to replace batteries. The orange light indicates you have 10 minutes of operation remaining.

Check to be sure that medication chamber is locked into place. Push medication chamber on to main unit until you hear a “click”.

I press the on button and the unit does not operate or operates for a few seconds and then turns off.

Medication chamber needs to be cleaned. Empty medication chamber and clean with vinegar and water solution.

Clean electrode connections on main unit with a soft cloth and vinegar and water solution.

Check mesh to be sure that it is not broken. Look into the mouthpiece holder and see if mesh is ripped. Replace medication chamber of mesh is ripped.

NOTE: Do not attempt to touch mesh with any object to clean. This will damage the mesh. Only clean the mesh by operating unit with vinegar and water solution.

Do I have to operate the unit continuously to take my treatment?

No, you can operate the unit either continuously or you can take it breath by breath. You can press the “on/off” button take a breath and then turn the unit off.

The unit shut off when I was taking my treatment?

Check the fluid level in the medication chamber. The EZ Breathe is designed to shut-off when the fluid level is less than 0.01ml.

Unit does not seem to be making enough mist.

Clean medication chamber. Check to be sure that medication is connected properly to the main unit. Push medication chamber onto main unit until you hear a “click”.

Can I use other solution medications in the EZ Breathe Atomizer?

All current solutions medications can be used in the EZ Breathe Atomizer. Check with your physician regarding use of the EZ Breathe Atomizer with prescribed medications.

Label Description
Product Name EZ Breathe Atomizer
Model EZ-100
Method of Operation Vibrating Mesh
Dimensions Approx. 67.4 mm(L) x 42 mm(W) x 109.2 mm(H)
Weight Approx. 100 g (Excludes batteries)
Power Supply 3V DC ("AA" 1.5V alkaline battery x 2)
Power Consumption Approx. 2.0 W
Vibrating Frequency Approx. 120kHz
Atomization Rate 0.25 mL/min minimum
Recommended Fill Volume Approx. 6 mL maximum
Battery Life 60 minutes if used continuously
Operating Conditions 10~40 °C (50~104 °F), 30~85%R.H.
Storage / Transportation Conditions -20~70 °C (-4~158 °F), 85%R.H.
Accessories Mouthpiece, Mouthpiece Cap, Mask Adapter, 2 “AA” Alkaline Batteries, Travel Bag and Instruction Manual
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