Our state of the art facility in West Columbia, South Carolina is where the art and science of pharmaceutical innovation meet.

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Nephron is the world's largest blow-fill-seal (BFS) manufacturing company by total capacity. At our 408,000 square-foot facility, we can efficiently produce a range of products using BFS technology.

Innovating for the Future

We designed our LEED certified facility in South Carolina to lead the world in blow-fill-seal (BFS) manufacturing. This technology forms, fills, and seals vials in one continuous process without human interaction. For decades, we have specialized in producing generic respiratory medications using BFS. Our new West Columbia facility has been designed to produce several billion doses annually of inhalation products and other sterile compounded medications.  

Award-winning Facility

Nephron Pharmaceuticals earned the 2017 Global Facility of the Year Honorable Mention by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.

The ISPE established the Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) to recognize companies that utilize new and innovative technologies. The FOYA program provides a platform for manufacturers in the healthcare industry to showcase accomplishments and cutting-edge approaches.

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Automation Drives Quality and Efficiency

At our award-winning facility, we run a completely automated manufacturing, packaging, and distribution process. This maximizes production efficiency and minimizes the risk of human error and contamination. After our products are formed using blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology, a fleet of unmanned forklifts, or laser guided vehicles, move the finished medicines to our warehouse. Our automated packaging system barcodes all medication and places them into cartons for shipping to end users.

One Billion Doses

Our high-volume and redundant utility systems maximize our production capability. Over the last eight years, we have distributed more than one billion doses of respiratory medicine annually.

Committed to Helping Patients

Patients deserve safe and effective medicines, and we play a key role in making that a reality. By using industry leading technology at every phase of the manufacturing process, we are able to meet and exceed safety and quality standards. We have been delivering high-quality products to patients for over 20 years. We are committed to constantly exploring ways to improve our facility, our people, and our processes, with the ultimate goal of helping more patients.  

Investments in pharmaceutical innovation are investments in improving patient outcomes. We are proud to bring affordable, life-saving products to patients every day.

Facility Fast Facts

We ship 1,000,000,000+ doses of medication a year.

Our roof is the size of 4.5 football fields

Over 500,000 square feet of drywall was used to build our walls

6 miles of PVC was installed just for the irrigation system

8 acres of sod were used for our landscaping

3,300 trucks of concrete were used to build Nephron (the equivalent of 33,000 cubic yards)